Therapy Approaches

Psychotherapy is a dialogue between client and therapist, which leads to the client’s awareness, change, and healing. The dialogue may be about the client’s problems with relationships, family, work, state of mind, self-image, etc.

Clinical Hypnosis is a deep state of concentration, which is associated with relaxation of the mind and the body, used for therapeutic purposes.  In this state, one utilizes the unconscious mind to strategize, problem-solve, and access inner strengths, feelings, and resources not ordinarily available. Hypnosis can be combined with any type of psychotherapy. With hypnotherapy, one addresses issues as anxiety, panic, phobias, medical issues, self-esteem, and peak performance in sports and academics.

Somatic Experiencing is a short-term therapeutic technique developed by Dr. Peter Levine to heal trauma, based on the idea that during traumatic situations, energy is aroused, blocked from discharge, and stored in our bodies. With guidance, we can  become aware of sensations, learn to release and regulate energy, and restore ourselves to balance. Somatic Experiencing addresses issues such as single incident or ongoing trauma, neglect, verbal and/or physical abuse, accidents and/or falls, surgery, medical issues, and pain.