Hypnosis, Language & Suggestion

We all make statements to ourselves on an everyday basis. These statements are sometimes referred to as “self-talk.” We comment about ourselves, our abilities, and our future. It is important for us to become more conscious of our thoughts, so that we are able to alter these cognitions. Clinical Hypnosis can be a powerful tool in helping us to see things from a new angle and change our usual frame of reference. We can become more self-accepting, compassionate and optimistic, and can expand our possibilities by using hypnosis in addressing negative self-talk.

For example, the person who is experiencing a phobia, such as public speaking anxiety, is making statements to themselves about their own abilities and is predicting what will happen. The process of using hypnosis, and providing new suggestions, can allow this person to envision a future with expanded possibilities. Learning to re-state our statements to ourselves can be extremely helpful in dealing with such issues as phobias, anxiety, panic, self-esteem, medical issues, peak performance in sports and academics, and trauma.

When seeking a hypnotherapist, it is important to see a licensed health or mental health professional who has Clinical Hypnosis training.

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