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Hypnosis for Managing Stress

 Hypnosis offers us highly effective tools for managing stress. With such simple exercises as breathing deeply and progressive muscle relaxation, we are able to begin to settle the body and to access feelings of relaxation. When we experience a sense of calm and of positive feelings, we are less prone to negative thoughts and emotions. When we imagine being in a relaxing place, and use all of our senses to recreate the imagery, we are able to experience tranquility. There is a physiological shift as we begin to utilize the parasympathetic nervous system.

Using the hypnotic method Ego-Strengthening, we can access our inner resources, allowing ourselves to feel centered and more self-confident, and fortified to face challenges. With such hypnotic techniques as accessing positive memories, we are able to remind ourselves of having overcome obstacles in the past. These methods help us to diminish fear and anxiety in order to ground and center ourselves and to focus on positive feelings and intentions.

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