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During this challenging period, many people are at home more. Some of us are working at home on Zoom, some of us are home with young children, and some are simply home because there are fewer places to safely or comfortably go right now. How does one make the most of one’s situation? Having a sense of a secure home can help one overcome hardship, maintain flexibility, and cultivate creativity. We can take this moment to maintain our living space as a place of comfort and stability.

Allow yourself to notice the objects in your home, to feel your connection to enjoyable past experiences through looking at these objects. To enjoy a color, or a shape, or a texture, in your environment is to use savoring. This practice is associated with mindfulness, and encourages one to utilize and appreciate the senses. Martin Seligman, PhD., known for Positive Psychology, discusses savoring in his book, Authentic Happiness.

It may be a time to organize your space to be more pleasing to you, to declutter, or to begin a project that enriches your sense of your home. Perhaps you would enjoy doing some activities that previously you had less time for, like cooking, playing an instrument, or listening to music. In Positive Psychology, it is emphasized that during challenging times it is important for each of us to use our own individual strengths and interests to remain as resilient as possible.

In addition, it is a good time to begin a practice of relaxation, meditation, self-hypnosis, or yoga. Some practices require assistance from teachers or professionals. Learning to be with ourselves in a deeper way, to establish and maintain centeredness and groundedness, can contribute significantly to our sense of well-being.

Concrete activities can give us a sense of accomplishment, even as we deal with threats in our external environment. Maintaining comfort in our homes and within ourselves can contribute to our sense of internal security and stability.

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