Positive Affect

As we have gone through this difficult year, it has become even clearer just how important it is for us to each have positive affect or emotions in our day. As part of our self-care during this time, it is necessary for each of us to know what we enjoy, what makes life truly worth living, and to incorporate as much of that as possible into our lives. Naturally, we must alter what we used to do pre-pandemic. However, we can be aware of what increases our happiness, even in this new situation.

What is the best part of your day? Is it taking a walk, and noticing nature? Is it when you are cooking, or talking to a friend, or reading a book? Be sure to incorporate on a daily basis, the activities that you truly enjoy. Having positive emotions actually diminishes negative emotions.

If you feel you are not sure what you enjoy right now, make the effort to start noticing what gives you pleasure. You may surprise yourself. We must learn to savor those enjoyable experiences!

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