Maintaining a focus on intention is of great importance. When we have a goal in mind, we can focus on that goal and on imagining accomplishing it. Having an image of our own progress and success is helpful, along with positive thoughts and statements to ourselves. We must learn to set aside negative “self-talk” and discouraging imagery. When we become more aware of our own process, we are able to influence it.

For example, if one is working on changing a behavior, we imagine doing the new behavior and visualizing the imagery that goes with success. We might include an affirmation, like, “I am able to …” If we see ourselves performing the old habitual behavior, we can set that image aside. We may become aware of negative statements that we make to ourselves, and we must set those statements aside and update them.

These techniques can be practiced regularly. In formal hypnosis or self-hypnosis we use an induction and deepening to support the level of trance, but it is not necessary to have a formal induction in order to use these methods. In seeking hypnosis one should consult a health or mental health professional trained in clinical hypnosis.

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