This time is a period of transition for all of us. We are adjusting to new norms in the society, to new behaviors and expectations. Some of us have gone through major changes in terms of our work, homes, family or social lives. These changes may have included difficult experiences and losses. It is important to honor one’s grief and to allow oneself to mourn one’s former life. At the same time, we are in a new period of adjustment. How do we remain as flexible as we can right now, and accept change, in the moment, which may include change to our own identity? A very wise supervisor of mine told me many years ago, that he felt that flexibility was one of the most important qualities a person could have in adult life.

Accepting change, while challenging, can also lead to new and productive adaptation. Accepting ourselves as we go through these changes is of utmost importance. Having compassion for ourselves is necessary. How to tolerate uncertainty, and live with not knowing how things will land? Curiosity is now recognized as an important quality to maintain for one’s mental health.

Milton Erickson, the famous hypnotherapist and teacher of hypnosis, utilized the idea of working with people to disrupt their usual frames of reference, to provide for possibility and the potential for new ideas. He encouraged curiosity and novelty in helping people to develop. We are indeed facing these challenges in an organic way right now.

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